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 1-2 Paragraphs  Read the article Municipal Policy vs. Marketing Strategy, then expound how the two strategies earn anastomose to yield a lucky artfulness for your separated pur-pose subject. Article:  http://smallbusiness.chron.com/corporate-strategy-vs-marketing-strategy-63753.html Overview  A municipal policy provides order for the form as a entire and for structuring the overall office. It is a guidelength to maximize the synergy floating departments and office units. This steers not merely trafficing activities, but as-well finance, formation, operations, ethnical instrument, and all faculty of the form. The office policy defines what a gang does and how it earn do it. A office policy earn:  Outlength the view and objectives of your office State your rate declaration Identify the traffics you serve Define keys for execution Establish financial goals (Marzec, 2013, para. 4)  Marketing policy falls underneathneath the general umbrella of the municipal policy. A trafficing policy is a artfulness to enact trafficing goals that are in length delay the municipal policy and municipal mission. Marketing strategies can enclose driving sales, maximizing avail implicit, and increasing trafficing divide. They can embrace conditions on displeasing advertising, traffic learning, or other specifics that are intentional to influence the suitable customer. Marketing strategies typically perfect the following:  Assess behaviors of the target audience Focus the mark notice on rate declaration and differentiators Identify the best policy to tell the notice Develop a timelength for implementation Identify metrics to vestige measurable office results (Marzec, 2013, para. 8) Marzec, M. (2013, August 29). Marketing policy vs. office policy. SBN Interactive. Retrieved from http://sbninteractive.com/2013/08/29/marketing-strategy-vs-business-strategy/