2 questions A

Nonlinguistic Representations 1. Nonlinguistic representations aid us to resumption and use advice whole day. Think of a subject-matter that you discern very courteous-behaved-behaved and attend-to how manifold images akin to this subject-matter you can produce in your leader. Now warrant a subject-matter delay which you are household but that you do not discern courteous-behaved. Try to produce images and attend-to how arduous it is. Describe which images were easier to resumption and those that were past arduous. 2. Nonlinguistic representations are puissant ways to attain and resumption advice but that manifold classrooms are very linguistically oriented. Think of and announcement some classroom experiences that are repeatedly effectual but that are inherently linguistic (e.g., balbutiation the textbook, winning in a discourse, listening to an description). Suggest sundry specific ways that these linguistic experiences could be smooth past effectual by guiding students to produce and use nonlinguistic representations, such as picturesque organizers, multimedia, and role-plays.