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Q1)   "Employee Testing" Please accord to the following: Among the forms of employee criterioning that companies may demand that are discussed in the passage, determine the two criterions that you observe the most material. Support your forced. Go to Human Metric’s Website      http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp  and procure the Jung Typology Test™ (specimen of the Myers Briggs oneness criterion). Next, prove your criterion results. Determine whether you regard this form of oneness criterion is advantageous to an form. Support your position. >Testing; -cognitive force -personality -natural force -integrity -garbage criterions  -work specimen Tests value conversance, aptitude and force, as well-behaved-behaved as other characteristics such as oneness.  Cognitive force criterioning values acquirements, agreement, and force to clear-up tenors. Cognitive force criterions are rarely referred to as “intelligence” or “mental force” criterions.  Some value force in a sum of favoring areas, such as unrecorded forced and accidental tenor solving.    Personality criterioning values patterns of conceit, feeling, and comportment. Researchers keep signed five comprehensive capacity of oneness: agreeableness, probity, feelingal uprightness, extraversion, and ingenuousness to habit.  Physical force criterioning assesses stalwart power, cardiovascular forgiveness, and coordination. These criterions are adapted for prophesying achievement in abundant manual drudge positions and in jobs that demand natural power.  Physical force criterions can be specially material in appurtenancy to the Americans delay Disabilities Act, as forms can be held qualified for penetration athwart disabled applicants.  In the departed, some employers used polygraph—or lie detector—tests to cloak out job applicants who potentiality pilfer from them.  However, the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 generally made it unfair to use polygraph criterions for hiring decisions.  Since then, forms keep increasingly rancid to paper-and-pencil criterions for parity criterioning. Such criterions are prepared to assess the advent that applicants obtain be fraud or buy in unfair courage.   There are two forms of parity criterion: public and clandestine.  Overt criterions ask doubts about attitudes inside filching and other unfair activities.  Cpublic criterions are over oneness-based and court to prophesy fraudy by assessing attitudes and tendencies inside antisocial comportments such as rape and material abuse.  Drug criterioning normally demands applicants to arrange a urine specimen that is criterioned for unfair materials. You may what to puzzle the doubt to the assort Why do businesses garbage criterion? Work specimen criterioning, which instantly values achievement on some component of the job.  Common examples comprise typing criterions, computer-programming criterions, driving simulator criterions, and electronics relit criterions  Please go to the next slide     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q2)   "Employee Selection" Please accord to the following: Compare and opposition the structured consultation, situational consultation, and comportmental consultation. Determine which form of consultation would be over advantageous when consultationing applicants. Support your segregation.