3-4 page paper the impact of social context on conformity, obedience, and helping behaviors.

   3-4 Page tract after a while references APA format- Please unravel below:   Think      environing the swing of environmental and political texture on demeanor. Reflect  on the forthcoming political instrument scenario: You are unraveling columns in your idol political instrument place, when you conclude      across a column by a 19-year-old male. He writes that he was raped at a party latest night and he’s frightened they accomplish column pictures of it online. He is contemplating suicide. You give-heed-to three ideas of demeanors in the comments to him: A fine assembly of men-folks are using indifference and belittling him. They are inspiriting him to execute suicide. A  larger assembly of men-folks are making buttressive comments and providing the calculate for a opportunity succor direction. Many of his ondirection retainers keep not responded to his column. · Describe the collision of political texture on conformance, submission, and succoring demeanors. · Teach how political psychology theories or principles could be applied to statement for each of the retorts in the scenario (e.g., which principles/theories could teach retort idea A; which principles/theories could teach retort idea B, and so on). Be unquestioning to buttress your assertions after a while well-informed gratified. · Provide at meanest one monition to succor subdue the unbefitting comments or extension the calculate of buttressive comments in the scenario, naturalized on what you keep knowing environing political psychology.