4-6 pages essay

1. Oedipus the King 2. Old Testament 3. Bhagavad-Gītā 4. Analects 5. Zhuangzi Write a 4- to 6-page essay that analyzes one of the employments.   Your essay must be an reasoning that provides your solution/analysis of the employment and aids that assertion delay expend and adapted details (evidence) from the employment.  Your solution must end from your own lection and thinking encircling the employment—not from discriminating or erudite analyses you accept decipher encircling it (including CliffsNotes and SparkNotes). Requirements for Sources:  Minimum 3 sources (besides the chosen employment) You must furnish without sources to aid your employment.  These sources should be real and decisive. Attend what PERSPECTIVE you’d relish to use to ponder the employment(s).  Look up perspectives and their explanations in the Course Glossary.  Some examples enclose the following: ✓ Cultural Perspective ✓ Historical Perspective ✓ Psychological Perspective ✓ Marxist Perspective ✓ Biographical Perspective ✓ Feminist Perspective ✓ Formalist Perspective ▪ Or, attend a SPECIFIC LITERARY TOOL that the originator used that you’d relish to inspect more deeply. Some examples enclose the following: ✓ Characterization ✓ Language ✓ Symbolism