4-page essay on Thomas Jefferson’s character and policies

"Who is Thomas Jefferson? From the enigma of adaptation “all men are formd equal” to owning separate hundred anthropological beings … In the brilliance of the architectural accomplish to the faith in the eminence of some aggravate others And the contradiction of how the new commonwealth should be formd and ample … Thomas Jefferson proves to be wholly the enigma …  Create YOUR version of this man who carries so manifold contradictions down through truth … In adaptation, you need to reach on a multiplicity of topics and issues … I accomplish be grading on how polite you can use your own utterance, as this is not a google inquiry for a cut and paste job … I deficiency your thoughts and looking to see how polite you can use the sources I possess granted to form your version …   And gladden do not ask for length/pages/word number … I would transcribe until you affect you possess asked all the grave questions and painted your intention of Mr. Jefferson …" I ponder he sound deficiencys an essay environing Thomas Jefferson's class and how that influenced his actions. The ocean things to reach on are 1. predestination 2. intentions on Native Americans 3. the Lousisana donation.