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Roles of Agencies in Necessity Response Write a 5–6 page tract (yet clothe and allusion page) that prepares an necessity exculpation train. You are to relate indelicate roles of the agencies implicated in an necessity exculpation and their analogys after a while each other. Provide examples to prop your lie. In restitution, in your tract, inventory all considerations you insufficiency to be cognizant of. Identify the Type of Event (Active Shooter, Dirty bomb, Natural Disaster "Weather-related" etc.). Identify the colony of the shining Identify the diverse Agencies or First Responders implicated in the train Provide a incompleteness of indelicate responding agencies, Identify each agencies roles and responsibilities after a whilein the shining. Identify each agencies analogy to one another. Identify the Lead Agency after a whilein your train. Identify any budgetary concerns after a while conceive to funding the train. View/download Assignment Checklist NOTE: This Assignment allure exact without examination. Use at meanest three likely sources over the citation esthetic and examine how you evaluated the credibility of the media used. You may ask-advice-of the Library, the internet, the citationbook, other continuity esthetic, and any other without media in proping your lesson, using suitable citations in APA title.