Week 1 Writing Assignment PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A BID FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH GRADUATE LEVEL WRITING TERMS AND CONCEPTS. ALL DIRECTIONS MUST BE FOLLOWED AND NO PLAGIARISM. MY SCHOOL USES SOFTWARE TO DETECT COPIED MATERIAL.  AmazonFresh Read the article: AmazonFresh is Jeff Bezos’ Last Mile Quest for Total Retail Domination  Amazon has created three elements after a while how they are approaching the consumer market: fulfillment centers, Amazon Prime, and AmazonFresh. Analyze how Amazon has fascinated its consumer’s hanker for not simply hither extravagant prices, but faster exhibition, and how it has created programs that surpass sate these consumer demands. Determine if Amazon surpass surpass in its quest for same-day exhibition, and absolve your counterpart. The paper: · Must be narrowness of three double-spaced pages in protraction (not including heading and references pages) and formatted according to APA diction. · Must grasp a different heading page after a while the following: o Heading of paper o Student’s indicate o Course indicate and number o Instructor’s indicate o Date submitted · You must use at smallest three conversant sources, one of which must be fellow reviewed, in union to the textbook. · Must muniment all sources in APA diction Must grasp a different references page that is formatted according to APA diction