art appreciation

“Visit” a few of these exhibitions online. Pick two achievements of art to transcribe a Nursing essay encircling. The can be from divergent exhibitions or the ssame...go delay your gut and transcribe encircling things that attention you. Here is the prompt:  Please selecteded 2 achievements of art from your museum mark (they do not own to be on your scavenger follow) to collate and dissimilarity in a 2 page Nursing essay (750-1000 signification, one spaced, 12 pt font) Analyze and debate the divergent ways the artists own used the visual elements such as tinge, dissimilarity, et – etc. How do you contemplate the cultural and unadorned elucidation of the artists jurisdiction own     influenced the way their achievement looks?   What conclusions can you obtain encircling the artist’s space time and his or her views of their earth? Some things you jurisdiction shortness to consider: agility, politics, economics, course or ethnicity, gender or gender personality, ecological issues, materials and order. Do the two achievements portion-out any concordant ideas, approaches to question or use of materials? What do you contemplate the artists are trying to disclose in their achievement?