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QUESTION 1 1. Explain some reasons why unreasonable surety should be prohibited.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 2 1. How did the 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution desire the fable of law enforcement in America?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 3 1. The due government design acknowledges perhaps impure inhabitants to miss retribution. The misdeed moderate design may acknowledge further harmless inhabitants to be improperly punished. In your own utterance, which design is ameliorate, and why? (Minimum 150 utterance, good-tempered-tempered-tempered essay repartee format).                      Path: p Words:0  15 points    QUESTION 4 1. What concepts in the flagitious uprightness plan act to *reduce* uprightness?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 5 1. The American flagitious uprightness plan was intentional to be a exexchange from the old lawful plans used in Europe. Describe the most speaking contrariety and how it was exchanged.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 6 1. Which is further main... peculiar liberties, or the good-tempered-tempered-tempered of sodality?  Explain your dainty.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 7 1. Explain why misdeeds opposite collective ordain are named 'victimless misdeeds'.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 8 1. What concepts in the flagitious uprightness plan performance to acknowledge further uprightness in the plan?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 9 1. Ignoring slogans and media depictions, what is the primary, main role of police in the American flagitious uprightness plan today?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 10 1. Name all the razes of the pyramid of command, in which flagitiouss are set-up.                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 11 1. In the pyramid of command, the police are represented by the raze labeled 'We Shoot At You'. What does that average in stipulations of prevalence balance a collective clump?                      Path: p Words:0  10 points    QUESTION 12 1. What basic policing substance was the exclusionary government intentional to curtail?