Ashley claire

  Objectives Identify art in our unamazed universe Analyze the invite and point of art in our unamazed universe by: describing what it invites to in us, and what its “aims” or points are. Instructions We are commencement our investigations into art by regarding the inquiry “What is art?” “What does it do? and “Why do we concern?”. To this end I am interrogation you to: Think of a participation of art that you feel encountered that had an commodities on you. This participation of art could be a exoteric mural, a painting, a statuary, any participation of visual art. You could feel seen it on your way to labor, on the subway, or in our capacity this week. Once you feel clarified an art labor: illustrate the art for us (what it is, a appellation if it has one, and where you saw it). using this weeks lection as a lead, illustrate the invite of the art. What missive or passion does it take? How does it invite to our senses? illustrate what point the art may obey, or what the art bequest to perfect. Does it feel a collective proposition to constitute? Why dominion the art feel been commissioned or created?