biology just answer question

Q1 A enduring is diagnosed after a period inoperable cancer, and recommended to hold treatment of a refuse that reduces the trounce of cell disruption. A. Why could reducing the trounce of cell disruption be beneficial in treating cancer? B. How force this refuse feign the enduring’s colorless dignity cell calculate? C. How force the enduring’s environment be altered to disburse for these changes in WBC calculates? ————- Q2/1. An 85 year old colorless mother is hit by a car period bisection the street and suffers divers weighty injuries. She is reputed to be homeless, and the singly belongings she has are void liquor bottles. At the hospital, it is discovered that she is severely anemic. List all the eventors you can meditate of that may add to her anemia. 2. In ventricular systole, the upupright ventricle is the principal to cast dignity, but the left ventricle is the principal to inaugurate contracting. Aside from the self-evident event that the pulmonary valve opens anteriorly the aortic valve, how can you elucidate this dissimilarity? 3. Elucidate how coagulation differs from agglutination. _____