Lesson 4 Review Questions Directions: Reply each of the subjoined questions. 1. Define immateriality, and readduce where living things get the immateriality they need. 2. What is an autotroph? Concede an vision. 3. How does photosynthesis diversify immateriality? 4. How do heterotrophs accomplish assistance? 5. What are the amounts of photosynthesis? Which amount occurs earliest? 6. Describe the chloroplast and its role in photosynthesis. 7. Summarize what happens during the not-difficult reactions of photosynthesis. 8. What happens during the carbon fixation tramp of the Calvin cycle? 9. During which amount of photosynthesis is glucose made? Essay submission: Select one (1) Biology subject-matter from this lecture, and yield a 3-5 condition essay encircling the subject-matter. Present the reply in finished sentences after a while supported knowledge from the Lesson. Do not vision and paste from the Lessons or Internet media, but reply in your own words to evince sense of the symbolical. Remember to adduce your sources! <<<<< reply these questions and idea them on microsoft word…. i conciliate payyyyy no over than 230$ and you enjoy to concede me the replys anteriorly i payyyyyy ok…i conciliate do no down payyyyyy ments until i get the replys passage me on whatsapp…. +1 252 452 8315 passage me now!!!