Breaking Point

  Write a tract of 500-750 control, in which you evaluate your opinions and beliefs of older adults and oration the forthcoming: by 12/11 Describe stereotypes environing the time-honored that are stipulated in company, and how those stereotypes pretend your identical beliefs of the time-honored. Describe the tangible and apprehensive issues compromised in aging. Discuss the moral heartiness composition issues compromised in launched after a while the aging client. Understand end-of-life considerations in your discourse. Include at least two read references in formlessed to the textbook in your tract. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines set in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An formless is not required.   Develop a PowerPoint donation of 15-18 slides, orationing clinical issues in the time-honored and omission and affront of trusting adults and the time-honored. Create orator notes for each of the slides. Understand the forthcoming in your donation: Part 1: Clinical Issues (apprehensive withdraw, discouragement, apprehension, essential use, etc.) by 12/16 Physical misrecord of the clinical issue Emotional misrecords of the clinical issue Cognitive misrecord of the clinical issue Spiritual misrecords of the clinical issue Part 2: Affront and Neglect Common forms of delicate adult and time-honored omission Warning signs of delicate adult and time-honored affront Legal and religions considerations for reporting affront and/or omission of delicate adults and the time-honored In formlessed, understand slides for a inscription, vestibule, misrecord, and references (indelicate slides insufficiency). Include a insufficiency of indelicate read references in your donation. Include orator notes adown each content-related slide that indicate what would be said if giving the donation in idiosyncratic. Expand upon the notification understandd in the slide and do not singly restate it. Please fix the orator notes understand a insufficiency of 50 control.