Can someone assist with answering 2 discussion questions by 12:30 pm (Eastern time)?

Discussion #1 In Chapter 1 of the Simon Public Cunning extract, we see that in a predominant being (whether a council, for-profit, or non-profit structure), values are primary to the interpretation exoteric cunning. Since Simon foremostly focuses on the U.S. federal or recite council as the foremost maker in the making of exoteric cunning, we should voicelessness that the predominant bodies of for-profit and non-profit structures are influenced by the corresponding ideas and practices. In other vote, governance by any structure may subsubserve to tool exoteric cunning. But, in these contrariant predominant bodies, who are the makers really making exoteric cunning? Can we say it is mob in a aggregation, officials in program agencies, or predominant officials? Can we envision a role for cosmical services functionals?  Drawing on Internet sources, authenticate one development of collective modify development promoting speed and one development of retrogression that can take-place. Voicelessness in your discourse who the foremost makers are in developing exoteric cunning in repartee to either transitional collective modify or degenerative collective modify. Discussion #2 What is your habit after a while collective modify? Drawing on your readings on speed and retrogression, and because D. B. Bury's and Benedict Morel's perspectives, represent your particular habit in defining collective scarcitys for modify either transitionally or in retrogression (collective worsening) as a functional in your aggregation. Include the subjoined in your discourse: Identify the substance. Explain how the substance was primitive authorized. Describe the population or individuals unsupposable. Identify what or who was under obligation for responding to the scarcity for modify. Explain whether the aggregation, transaction, non-profit, or council influence was expected to tool collective modify cunning. Use a reserve of two references (and their associated citations in your discourse fact), applying APA fashion.