Comprehensive Community College: Budget Analysis Presentation

 PLEASE DO NOT RUSH. Overview For this Question, you obtain criticise two polity nursery budgets(see attachments).  Instructions Using the notice supposing in The Attachments,  prepare a PowerPoint endowment in which you assimilate the dispensation of funds of two polity nurserys today, and your 20-year augury of funding and expedients allocation determined the subject offered in U3(determined underneath). Include the following: An test of the trends in funding and expedients allocation. An evaluation of produce streams and compensation allocations referring-to to the band-arms. An separation of abetting services that food learner services in the inclusive polity nursery. Pie charts comparing the budget allocations of two polity nurserys as courteous as pie charts depicting the forthcoming budget allocations for the inclusive polity nurserys. Additional Requirements Please offer your findings, separation, arguments, and conclusions in a professional-quality PowerPoint endowment of 10–15 slides. Include citations on the identical slides as courteous as a references slide at the end of the deck. Include speaker's notes to prepare the talking points on each slide.