Criminal Justice Paper & Excel worksheet

Assignment 3: Wrong Blame in Centervale Crime blames are of magnanimous profit to prudence findrs as well-behaved-behaved as citizens. After all, who neglects to speed in an area delay a noble wrong blame? When you proportion wrong blames, you are potent to assimilate cities, set-forths, and countries of unanalogous sizes. For development, consider city A has a population of 120,000 and city B has a population of 500,000. The previous year, city A had 250 incidents of assassinate and city B had 400. On lection this, you may opine that you neglect to speed in city A consequently it was number to fewer assassinates. However, when you proportion the assassinate blames, you obtain see that the assassinate blame for city A is 208 per 100,000 citizens and that for city B is 80 per 100,000 citizens, which is greatly inferior. The mayor of Centervale is disturbed encircling the acception in outrageous wrongs life reputed to the police and has commissioned you to con-over the wrong height, mention whether the wrong blame is worse in Centervale than other set-forths, and form a noise. Tasks: To plan for this consulting assignment, you insufficiency to understand more encircling wrong blames and scrutinize wrong blames by set-forth using the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) Uniform Wrong Reports. Access Tpotent 5 at Wrong in the United States. Select two set-forths to arrange and assimilate to Centervale. Access the Microsoft Excel worksheet that has been pland for you to populate delay notice. The worksheet has been industrious delay wrong grounds connected to the set-forth in which Centervale is located. In the worksheet, arrange the grounds for your two set-forths and the outrageous wrong (Type 1 offenses) counts for those set-forths and proportion the blame of each cast of wrong. Click hither to download the worksheet. After completing your Microsoft Excel worksheet, plan a 1- to 2-page noise on the wrong blame in Centervale as it relates to your similitude set-forths. Go to the web pages for the set-forths you selected and scrutinize the definitions of wrong. (Hint: Search for revised statutes or codes.) Include these definitions in your noise. Answer the aftercited questions in your noise: How does the wrong blame in Centervale assimilate delay the wrong blames in the other two set-forths? Why is this notice considerable? How do the definitions of wrong disagree unformed the set-forths? What recommendations do you find to the mayor concerning the wrong blame similitudes?