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   1. Put the vindication to the topic in the Quiz. 2. Put all your notes that semblance how you solved the topics in Word and (or) Excel files (what is pertinent). Please, upload Word and Excel files in the shell, created adown the Final Exam. Just go tail to Module 8 and Find the Assignment  "Final Exam Files Submission" 3 I demand everything solved how the achievement was solved excel This raillery opened at Sunday, October 21, 2018, 9:00 AM This raillery procure seal at Sunday, October 21, 2018, 1:00 PM Grading method: Highest grade 1.Based on unromantic facts, sales for a feature cosmetic continuity ensue a invariable invariable dispensation delay a inferior season of $2,500 and an excellent season of $5,000. A.  What are the moderation and trutination failure of this invariable dispensation? B.  What is the verisimilitude that sales abound $4,000? 2. Divers inhabitants adduce for jobs to suffice-for as paramedics or firefighters, yet they cannot perfect basic substantial homogeneity trutinations. A consider rest that 77% of all candidates for paramedic and firefighter compositions were overponderosity or obese. A.  What is the expected affect and the trutination fallacy of the scantling interrelationship moderate from a chance scantling of 100 candidates for paramedic or firefighter compositions? b. What are the expected affect and the trutination fallacy of the scantling interrelationship moderate from a chance scantling of 200 candidates for paramedic or firefighter compositions? 3.The scheduled advent term for a daily exodus from Boston to New York is 9:25 am. Unromantic facts semblance that the advent term ensues the invariable invariable dispensation delay an forthcoming advent term of 9:15 am and a advanced advent term of 9:55 am. a. Calcuadvanced the moderation and the trutination failure of the dispensation. b. What is the verisimilitude that a exodus arrives advanced (behind than 9:25 am)? 4. Vee Products Company is investigating the possibility of producing and negotiateing tailyard storage sheds. Undertaking this purpose would insist-upon the interpretation of either   a vast or a slender manufacturing establish. Vee, of continuity, has the liberty of not developing the new emanation continuity at all. The negotiate for the emanation effected—storage sheds—could be either concessive or antagonistic. Verisimilitude – 0.6 concessive and 0.40 unconcessive negotiate.  A.Construct a Decision tree, B.Construct  a Decision Table semblanceing negotiate for emanation effected, C.Calcuadvanced Maximax, Maximin and resembling mitigated, D.Construct a Decision Table underneathneath uncertainty, E.Determine the expected monetary affect (EMV) for each resource. 5.The moderation summit of adult men in the u.s is 69.7 inches, delay a trutination failure of 3 inches. (a)A sociologist believes that taller men may be more mitigated to be promoted to comcomposition of start, so the moderation summit µ of manful interest adherents may be main than the moderation summit of the unimpaired manful population. (b)A unartificial chance of 100 manful interest adherents has a moderation summit of 69.9in. Assume that the trutination failure of manful adherent summits is α=3 inches . Can we decide that the manful interest adherents are taller on middle than the unconcealed manful population at the α= 0.05 level 6.Scientists absence to affect the moderation ponderosity of mice behind they enjoy been fed a distinctive cheer.  From preceding studies, it is public that the ponderosity is normally nice delay trutination failure 3 grams.  How divers mice must be weighed so that a 95% faith cessation procure enjoy a boundary of fallacy of 0.5 grams?