dis 2 man econ

 Decision Making Under Uncertainty To spare on gasoline expenses, Edith and Mathew agreed to carpool concurrently for rambleing to and from fruit. Edith preferred to ramble on I-20 pathway as it was usually the fastest, bringing 25 minutes in the scantiness of exqualify delays. Mathew telling out that exqualify jams on the pathway can bring to desire delays making the bound 45 minutes. He preferred to ramble adesire Shea Boulevard, which was desireer (35 minutes), but rarely had exqualify jams. Edith agreed that in instance of exqualify jams, Shea Boulevard was a cool opinion. Neither of them knows the set-forth of the pathway forward of occasion. After driving to fruit on the I-20 pathway for 1 month (20 fruitdays), they build the pathway to be jammed 3 occasions. Assuming that this month is a good-tempered-tempered justice of all months forward, should Edith and Mathew abide to use the pathway for rambleing to fruit? How would you misrecord qualify for the refuse months, if bad temperature makes it likely for exqualify jams on the pathway to extension to 6 days per month? How would your misrecord qualify if Mathew purchased a new smart-phone app that could appearance the standing of the pathway exqualify previous to their importune each morning, thus reducing the likelihood of them getting into a jam down to singly 1day per month (where on this day, the app appearanceed no exqualify jam, but a jam familiar in the meanoccasion as they were driving adesire the pathway). Guided Response: In 300 signification or over, fascinate, cater your exculpation to the over discourse topic. Please, appearance all your calculations and illustrate your answers. Further, observe on how the misrecords of this total obtain qualify if there was no vicissitude and the pathway frequently had exqualify jams, forasmuch-as Shea Blvd was frequently exqualify jam unhindered? Is this scenario realistic and why? Respond substantively to at lowest two of your classmates’ postings.