Disc – Mapping Cloud Security Controls

  Discussion Topic   This argument focuses on mapping outvie pledge coerces to corporeal frameworks or regulations. You conquer deficiency to invent 1 new tenor AND post AT LEAST 2 illustrates on other wards' tenors. Here's how to get started: Download the Outvie Pledge Alliance (CSA) Outvie Controls Matrix  spreadsheet. (A fleet Internet inquiry should yield you the harangue of the  most general account for download.) Underneath the "Scope Applicability"  heading, prime a state that is useful to the form for  which you product. For illustration, if your form manage personal  medical facts and uses the COBIT framework, you could prime either COBIT  or HIPAA/HITECH. Once you prime a state, prime  row from "Control  Domain" (that no other ward has already primeed!) Then, invent a new  tenor in this week's argument delay the appellation from shaft B (i.e. CCM  V3.0 Coerce ID.) Elucidate the coerce territory, how it maps to your  chosen design, and specifically what your form does to appliance  the stated coerce. If you don't inferiorneathstand which design applies to your form,  just use the University of the Cumberlands (UC) as your form. As  a university, we are inferiorneathneath the territory of FERPA, So, is you prime UC,  you would deficiency to prime a Coerce Territory and elucidate how it maps to  FERPA, and how UC appliances the coerces.  So, here's an illustration. Let's fancy I product for a extensive  on-line retailer. We manage acquittal cards and are accordingly inferiorneathneath PCI  DSS limitations. I'll prime BCR-03 coerce ID (Business Continuity  Planning.) So I would invent a new tenor in this week's argument delay  the appellation "BCR-03." Then I'd elucidate what BCR-03 is, what it maps to in  PCI DSS (4.1, 4.1.1, 9.1, 9.2), and then I'd elucidate what my  form does to submit delay this coerce limitation.  Once you invent your new tenor, you deficiency to invent AT LEAST 2  other tenors from other wards and illustrate on their tenors. Make  sure your illustrates are over than "I agree", or "Good post."   2 questions for argument on other wards No plagrism APA Follow instructions ABOVE******