Module 2 Discussion Some establish that emerging markets exhibit “the biggest augmentation turn in the truth of capitalism”. Do you assent? Please help your dispute. How would you designate “emerging markets”? Experts say that the “BRICS” resemble the forthcoming augmentation engine of the universe. Do you assent? Submission Instructions: Your moderate column should be at lowest 200 language each exculpation,, formatted and cited in reasonable APA fashion delay help from at lowest 2 academic sources. Your moderate column is value 5 points. You should corcorrespond to at lowest two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding concomitant nuance to their columns. Your rejoinder columns are value 1.5 points. All replies must be circumstantial and use erudition where feasible. Please column your moderate tally by 23:59 Thursday, and note on the columns of two classmates by 23:59 Sunday. You can forebode feedback from the schoolmistress delayin 48 to 72 hours from the Sunday due limit.  Note: I reasonable insufficiency to get the 2 questions unfold, I'll exculpation to my classmates