Discussion 6, 10 and 11

  WEEK 10 DISCUSSION - "Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace" Please suit to the following: Flora Tucker, a Hispanic feminine, applied for a sales comcomstanding in Ames Department Stores in Seattle. After completing her application, she was asked to assume a math touchstone and a open quickness touchstone. As a end of her reckoning, she was insufficient from motive for the sales composition.  Based on this scenario, argue whether or not you appreciate that this touchstoneing device is a reversal of Title VII.   Explain when an mistress can use an Quickness and/or other touchstones and how touchstones are validated.   What congress, as-well-mannered Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, in the Chapter balbutiation respecting anti-penetration security is the most weighty and the most persuasive of the 21st Century and why?   What are the two forms of sexual harassment penetration and collect an development of each. If your boss approved to hug employees in the dawning for a job well-mannered-mannered effected, is that sexual harassment?  Why or why not?    Week 11 DISCUSSION: Looking tail on the topics genial in this manner, which do you see as substance most appropriate to your floating job or the job you’re seeking to procure once you’ve earned your step? In what ways has this manner progressive the way that you reflect environing and fashion decisions environing juridical or religions issues?   Week 6 Discussion - "Monopolies" - Please suit to the following:  In today’s management, there are a ample calculate of puissant companies who in all appearances repress solid segments of opposed markets. Using the Internet, realize one development among the terminal year of a wide audience that has (or might be) employed in anticompetitive conduct and what form.  Next, hint three ways that this conduct could be viewed as either a Horizontal or Vertical slavery of occupation.  Be unfailing to expound and settle these provisions and collect buttress for your confutation - gladden do not post environing Amazon, Google, Surescript or Facebook.  Try to choose a fact identified on the FTC website/anti-trust or Nexus-Uni for a fact among the terminal year.  Identify and expound the opposed forms of slavery of occupation in your development and, what are some of the defenses?  Buttress your acceptance.