Q1)  Compare and contrariety the forthcoming bearing restrain copys: Discretionary, role-based (twain centre and hierarchical), rule-based, and mandatory bearing restrains.  Q2)   Users should not be signed to bearing files and/or systems until they are justly identified and identified.  There are immodest steps that should be followed in the manner of granting bearing.  They embrace Identification, Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability.  Please picked two of these immodest steps and sift-canvass them in specialty. Q3)  What were the most main new things you recognizeing this week environing the mark and signification of EA? Please clear-up why. Please designation your response to 200 tone.  Q4)  Relate SOA, WOA, Cloud Computing, and Security Fabric to the TOGAF ADM, the EA3 Cube copy, and other fabric frameworks we bear thoughtful. Based on the proviso "What is Service Oriented Architecture" (in the "Week 8 Materials" File beneath the "Files" Tab of Canvas), and citing some of this week's readings, relate what an act constructor needs to recognize environing SOA/WOA/Cloud Computing and Security Architecture, respectively, and then sift-canvass SOA/WOA/Cloud Computing in thoughtless of Security Architecture.   Q5)  Discuss how the TOGAF Fabric Development Method (ADM) is used as a blueprint for EA Kanban. Embrace sift-canvassion of (a) backlog – tasks abeyance to be tackled, (b) tasks currently life worked on, and (c) tasks high.   Q6)  Describe how at smallest one of the other frameworks we bear thoughtful can assistance the use of EA Kanban. How can the Kanban mode be applied to other aspects of organizational change – i.e., in restitution to EA?