Create a LinkedIn representation (if you do not bear one). Post one (1) intimation on LinkedIn to bear awareness to the advantage or result you bear separated. Find a YouTube video that is common to your separated trade or a common video that could result for your trade. Post one (1) intimation in the COMMENTS exception underneath the video to bear awareness to the advantage or result you bear separated. Make believing to use at lowest two (2) hashtags in each platform post. Then, conduct a screenshot and extort it into a Word muniment. Below your screenshots, transcribe one (1) stipulation describing why you chose your hashtags, how they align to your target negotiate and assiduity, and how you imagine they get conduct customer intercourse to your gregarious resources seat.   "Will LinkedIn and YouTube avail your corporation?" Please tally to the subjoined: As a gregarious resources superintendent, you get scarcity to perceive which platform(s) get avail your corporation. Analyze LinkedIn and YouTube. For each platform, perpend items such as which consumer segments are using each platform, the expression of results that should be used on each platform, the expression of corporation that should use each platform, and the expression of advertising intimation, etc. Justify your counter-argument. Analyze whether or not LinkedIn and YouTube would avail your separated corporation. Why do you imagine your separated platform is the best for your trade? Provide vindication and rationale for your counter-argument. JUST A PARAGRAPH FOR DISCUSSION QUESTION   Preparation Your assignment due in Week 6 requires you to perpend a contemporary gregarious change-of-place of your choosing and the art associated delay it to mention its consequence on you and others.  This discourse apt get surrender you usage in completing this expression of exertion. In Chapter 11 of your text:  Read “Guernica and Related Works,” page 257. View Picasso’s Guernica, over, and in Figure 11.21 on page 257.   Created in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, Guernica relegateed Picasso’s anti-war maxim.     Please tally to the subjoined in a post of 150 to 200 words:   Describe what you see in Guernica and your singular counter-argument to it  Summarize the intimation you deem Picasso hoped to relegate environing war.  Explain your aspect relating the role of art in gregarious change-of-places.