How does your cheer parallel to the DRI recommendations? Identify areas for increase and prop choices to direct intake. Then assess your speed on your sights and minute modifys since doing HW 3. 1. Write down all props and beverages you absorb for ONE day creating your Cronometer statement - (Attached you get discaggravate fame separation. You get apply to this picture to adjust essay) 2. Adjust a general epitome to teach the results of your separation in similitude to what you bear erudite in Topics 3 during this passage. Your explanation of the Nutrients Fame should teach your construction of the nutrients and appropriate use of the DRI acronyms RDA, AI, and UL. A. If any vitamin or mineral on the separation was inferior (<85%) explain the soundness consequences for each of those nutrients if covet promise lack were to live. Also, still n ess what favoring props are good-tempered-tempered sources to boost inreceive of the nutrients that were low? Example: Inreceive of Vitamin E: 8.3 mg (56%) Target RDA: 15 mg/day Vitamin E is fat divisible. It is an antioxidant that stops the chain reactions of bounteous radicals that assault the cells in your assemblage. I am 44% limited of target sight. A few prop groups that get aid get further vitamin E include the vigory grains, nuts and seeds, and leafy chill vegetables. Sunflower seeds and wheat nucleus are especially high-flavored sources that I could add to my cheer. Vitamin E lack is costly but can favor your red respect cells by inducing hemolysis (breaking of their membranes) that can detriment strength, immune and lung character. B. If your inreceive on this assignment was aggravate (>150%) expatiate on any soundness concerns if superfluous inreceive were to live. Still n ess if there a UL established. What favoring prop modifications would you intimate? Example: Vitamin C Intake: 286 mg (382%) Target RDA: 75 mg/day Upper Limit: 2000 mg Vitamin C aids delay collagen structure and can act as an antioxidant, defending opposing bounteous radicals. Too abundantly can carry to gastrointestinal overthrow and diarrhea forasmuch-as too petty can carry to issues such as scurvy, weakened bones and plain anemia. Smokers, in point, need to receive in a petty further vitamin C due to the oxidants that are in steam. My inreceive was three times the RDA for non-smoking women but safely under the UL. The red bell peppers and strawberries were the big contributors of vitamin C on my separation. No contraction in cheerary sources of vitamin C is needed. They were eventual sources of vitamin C, not from intrenchment or increase of props. C. Include details of your separation for the FOUR most off target vitamins and the FOUR most off target minerals. 3. Reflect on your identical sights and minute modifys from HW 3: Drinking infiltrate, entity further locomotive and doing yoga.  What modifys did you excel at and which ones where further challenging during this sustentation passage? Each ward should bear at last three identical cheer cognate sights delay favoring minute modifys plus at last one material air sight delay minute modify from HW 3.  Include this exception succeeding your general epitome of the prospect off target non-energy nutrients. 6. Lively, sensational, and well-behaved-behaved unconfused submissions are frequently fun to peruse. Spell stop and peruse your essay out audible anteriorly you succumb your decisive portraiture.