EDUU 512 journal#4

   Math as a Social Activity Using Technology to foundation the 4Cs- Burden & Byrd converge to discover readings:,+P.R.+%26+Byrd,+D.+M.+(2016).+Methods+for+effective+teaching,+7th+edition&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg2PD9nOzeAhVHWq0KHe6PC2cQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=Burden%2C%20P.R.%20%26%20Byrd%2C%20D.%20M.%20(2016).%20Methods%20for%20effective%20teaching%2C%207th%20edition&f=false 1.   Read  Burden and Byrd, Chapter 6 and apprehension the “Student Centered Instructional Strategies” powerpoint in the “Learning Activities” folder. What do you see as some of the advantages and disadvantages to using learner centered approaches? Which of the learner centered approaches do you believe would be divert for the gait level/subjects you drawing on instruction? Why? 2.   View the video “How to Teach Math as a Social Activity.” Describe what the schoolmistress does to arrange his learners to effect in cooperative groups. 3.    View the video on the 21st Century “Learning and Innovation Skills”. What are some examples of how technology can be used to foundation learners’ crop of the 4C’s? Rubric stable as well-mannered