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Assignment 1: Discussion—Television Character Television provides us delay manifold interesting examples of interpersonal and neurotic bearings. In this assignment, you get dig into the activity and actions of some of your jewel television qualitys and excite them using Horney’s coping strategies. Interestingly, Horney’s three coping strategies for one’s neurotic needs correlate very well-mannered-mannered delay three of Adler’s opposed oneness types: Horney’s affecting-toward strategy—Adler’s getting or partiality type Horney’s affecting against—Adler’s reigning or dominant type Horney’s affecting far from—Adler’s avoiding type Using Horney’s plea of coping delay neurotic needs delay three opposed interpersonal orientations, picked a TV program of your rare containing a quality that Horney would authenticate as exhibiting neurotic bearings. As you tend a unmeasured issue of this pretence, rendezvous on this quality and harmonize each persuasion of affecting-toward, affecting-against, and affecting-far bearing.  Research Horney’s plea using your textbook, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources. Based on your investigation, tally to the following: Discuss this quality’s neurotic needs and trends.  What do you gard has happened in his/her activity that has led to these bearings? In restitution to open activity events, how has gender and humanization influenced the quality’s neurotic needs and bearings? How do these interpersonal orientations collision the way this quality interacts delay others and develops relationships? Write your moderate apology in 4–5 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. By the due determination assigned, post your apology to the alienate Discussion Area. Through the end of the module, criticism and dilate on at smallest two peers’ apologys.