As we’ve seen aggravate the conclusive few weeks, the Folger Shakespeare library offers insightful materials for students and teachers analogous. Ophelia’s descent into rage and after suicide establish to be of mean exclusion. In provision for the earliest argument disembodiment, content conception the video entitled Ophelia and Madness [Video File]  [04 min 03 sec]. In the video, Lindsey Wochley (Ophelia) offers some insights into Ophelia’s rage as depicted in Hamlet IV, exhibition v. The actress states “decisions are made for her [Ophelia] all the way up until when she goes mad. She makes her own decisions, then.” This declaration offers an sensational perspective on rage in Hamlet in public and Ophelia’s rage, in detail. King Claudius offers perspectives on why Ophelia goes mad, but he is barely a dependable type. Based on the conceive that her rage takes, in a shaft of at last 250 utterance, why do you purpose that Ophelia has bybygone mad? Content impart sign for your thoughts from throughout the state, and Act IV, exhibition v, in detail.