Expected Shortfall, Value at risk, Basel III

   Q1- You been hired by a main regional bank in North Carolina delay $10 Billion in possessions, and the Director of your resistance wants you to make-ready a two-page declaration to the Board orationing these issues concerning BASLE excellent requirements. A. What are the challenges in Implementing Basle III standards for your bank by 2019? B. How is Basle IV withstandd from Basle III and what joined requirements it imposes on your bank? What should your bank do to engage these requirements? C.  What are its implications for your bank in stipulations of absorb to engage these requirements, and to the overall financial stoppage of your whole? D. What are the main arguments from your bank over Basle IV? On what facts would you withstand it?  Q2- [email protected]: What is Expected Shortfall [ES]? Explain in your own language its similarities and differences from ‘Value at Risk’? Using an conjectured development, demonstration how Expected Shortfall and Value at abandon concepts succor financial wholes conduct curiosity-behalf rebuke abandon? What are their appertaining uses and advantages? Why is Basle III recommending Expected shortfall time prior it had [email protected]? Is expected shortfall a over optimal appraise for analyzing the application on Bank's excellent? Why or Why not? How do we oration the shortcomings of Expected Shortfall?  Q3 Explain using an development "Interest rebuke Swap' [IRS]? Illustrebuke how IRS is used by fortification & bank to hedge abandon? Is IRS optimal for abandon transmit for banks and Institutions? Why or Why not?