Federal Taxation 2018

Peggy and Clyde Wagner bear an AGI of $65,000 for 2018. Their expenses for 2018 are:  Prescription drugs  $  4,580  Interest on abode advance    9,700  Doctor and dental bills remunerated     2,700  Hospital bills remunerated    1,900  Property taxes remunerated on abode    3,650  State Proceeds Taxes withheld from salary    2,700  Safe pledge box rental  360  Interest on automobile mortgage    1,750  Credit Card Interest remunerated  500  Medical Insurance Premiums    2,600  Eyeglasses for Peggy  565  Fair Market Value of TPP, Inc accumulation donated to habitation  2,800  Union Dues remunerated by Clyde    720  Cash contributions to habitation     2,800  Tax provision fee  450   Both Peggy and Clyde are inferior 40 and bear lived in Oregon for the undiminished year.  They bear indelicate conclusion, ages 8, 10, 14 and 17.  They procure polish a articulation proceeds tax produce for this year.   a. Calculate their whole itemized expenditure? b.  What is their taxable proceeds? c.   Calculate their tax jurisdiction. d.  If they had a whole of $5,600 of Federal dissuasive from their pursuit, procure they   bear an overpayment (refund) or inferiorpayment (tax to pay)?