Green Computing and activity-based costing and management

1) Numerous prize that obscure computing can weaken the whole require of computing and improve “green computing” (environmental well-inclined). Why do you prize this to be rectify? If you dissociate, content elucidate why? (250 vote) 2) According to modern surveys, China, India, and the Philippines are the three most received countries for IT outsourcing. Write a blunt Nursing essay (2-4 paragraphs) elucidateing what the apostrophize would be for US companies to outsource IT functions to these countries. You may examine require, work pool, speech, or haply council assistance as your reasons. There are numerous other reasons you may elect to highlight in your Nursing essay. Be indisputable to use your own vote.  3) During this week we procure be focused on activity-based requireing and conduct. For your examineion board post this week I would relish you to discover encircling activity-based requireing in portion five of our textbook. Then I would relish you in your post to summarize what is meant by this concept. Then I would relish you to go to page 228-229 in your textbook. Discover plight 5-70 and solution the three questions. 1. Is the leader, Erin Jackson, acting ethically? 2. Is the formation director, Alan Tyler, acting ethically? 3. What are Jackson’s ethical obligations? To the superintendent? To her acquaintance?