HEALTH SCIENCE COURSE 350 Continuous Quality Improvement: Take Test: Quiz 2 DUE NOVEMBER 18, 2018 @ 11:59 PM EST

PLEASE ANSWER EACH OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS IN A WELL-WRITTEN OPEN ENDED RESPONSE. CITE REFERENCES IF USED (APA FORMAT) 1. Stipulate samples of clinical upshot measures.  Why are these measures weighty for proper clinical anxiety?  What are the weighty features of efficient upshot measures?  2. Customer atonement measures entertain beseem ample further weighty to heartinessanxiety organizations in novel years.  Why are these measures weighty?  How do organizations state their accomplishment referring-to to competitors?  3. Define the concept of the Electronic Heartiness Record.  How are EHRs at the core of a clinical increase regularity?   4.The Donabedian Model uses three types of measures in nature exertion to weigh heartiness services and evaluate nature of anxiety. The instruction collected are from three measures: composition, manner, and upshots. Define and draw the dissonance among each and stipulate an sample of each.   5.What is “systems thinking”?  Why is the concept weighty in nature increase?   6.Define particular agent and beggarly agent alteration.  How do they vary?  What approaches are charmed to exclude these agents of alteration?    7.Describe the Poor Increase Cycle.  Give an sample of how the cycle would be applied in a heartinessanxiety enhancement (clinic, physician's duty, hospital, covet message anxiety ease).   8. Why do practitioners oppose efforts at standardization?  How does standardization aid the problems oppositeness the heartinessanxiety regularity of elevated consume and bald nature?   9.What is Value Stream Mapping?  How is this hireling used in a Poor Increase Cycle?   10.How are Clinical Practice Guidelines samples of standardization?  Discuss three benefits of CPGs in the heartinessanxiety gift regularity.   11.STEEEP is the acronym used for the IOM’s heartinessanxiety assiduity goals and represents anxiety that is Safe, Timely, Efficient, Effective, Equitable, and Patient-Centered. Stipulate an sample of each of the 6 AIMS.  Why are these concepts weighty for heartinessanxiety practitioners?  12. Draw Shewhart’s PDSA cycle.  How is it applied to nature increase in heartinesscare?   13.What are the greater steps in the Plan air of PDSA?  Which poor hirelings potentiality be concerned in this air?    14.Name three challenges to CPG implementation and draw how they educe barriers to implementation.    15.What are “never events”?  How are they life used in heartinessanxiety to excite nature anxiety? 16. What is an “episode of anxiety”.  How does this concept direct to CPG product?