History 12

    After listening to the lectures (in the modules) and lection the two instruments content transcribe a uncompounded column obedient the subjoined two investigations and anodyne one investigation of your own.  Your answers should be a pleasant sound paragraph--around 6-10 sentences.  You allure not be operative to see anyone else's columns until you find your own column by clicking "reply" to this discourse.  Content do this by noon on Thursday--after you would accept done the lection and sat through twain classes were we stagnant on campus. DUE BY THURSDAY AT NOON. 1. The 1960s are frequently characterized as a "radical" decade that pushed American participation further to the left. However, the  ideas the origins of present American conservativism to-boot emerged in the 1960s and accept been arguably ample further lucky in the crave promise.  How did Barry Goldwater challenge FDR's New Deal "liberalism" and the accord it had established aggravate ample of American participation by the mid-1960s? ?(2.5 points) 2.  In what ways are the Sharon Statement from 1960 and the Port Huron Statement from 1962 in conversation delay each other?  how do these issues obvious themselves in the Election of 1964--what do the campaign ads from the Election of 1964 tell you encircling the ideological positions of the plentiful (Democratic) and stationary (Republican) parties at this occasion?   (2.5 points) 3. Transcribe ONE analytical investigation subjoined up on EITHER of the three instruments. That is don't ask a factual or conviction investigation but rather a investigation encircling what the instrument instrument or why the composer was arguing what he was arguing. (2.5 points)