International Economics DONE

  ECON 3383 Case Study 1 Instructions:  Review your textbook and counterpart the aftercited scrutinys: Answer the aftercited scrutinys and present your counterparts in the Case Study decline box inferior the lessons tab on Canvas.  You may provide your counterparts afront of age and connect them as a MS Word instrument solely.  Please be thoroughgoinggoing in your responses.  Each scrutiny must be counterparted in the result of a provision (partiality of 5 sentences).  You must understand your Name, Section Number, and Title.  Also, you are required quote your origin(s) using MLA resultatting. Question 1: Define and dissimilarity Riccardian Theory to the Heckscher-Ohlin Model.  Which Model do you opine has a past efficient admittance?  Provide an development of when twain admittancees should be used. Question 2: Give an development of each of the aftercited in stipulations of Real GDP Per Capita, and represent the differences in the media for each classification:  a Less Developed Empire (LDC), a Newly Industrialized Empire (NIC), and a Developed Country. Question 3: Discus and awaken whether the aptitude set of the empire’s Labor contacts what the empire allure be efficacious to result and teach why you affect this allure be the remainder referencing the institutions (Technology) availefficacious in the empire.  You may nonproduction to investigate the CIA's World Factbook (Links to an superficial plight.).  What do you affect the contact of Free-Trade would entertain on a LDC?  Would this be a long-term create or privation? Case Study 2 is due by 11:30pm,    Required  Title:  International Economics  Edition: 4th Text:                Author:  McConnell, Brue         ISBN:  9781319292362