Inventory assignment

Creating an Concern Inventory In Unit Two, which begins contiguous week, you procure transcribe an reasoningative elaboration article; basically, this instrument that you procure entertain to use your own forced and proof from sources to clear an reasoning.  All of the is-sue you entertain executed in Unit One should entertain easy you for this contiguous article.  You procure ensue the identical sample of chat succeeding a while sources, but you'll entertain to conceive separate sources in that chat. This period encircling, though, you procure prefer your own theme!  And that's what the concern register is for.  Let's get launched. In a instrument, imagine separate distinctions for categories of themes: CONTROVERSIES, HISTORY, SPORTS, TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION, TRENDS, FASHION, CAREERS, POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, RELIGION, HOBBIES/GAMES, ETC.. Under each distinction (and you don't entertain to use all of the distinctions, but try for at meanest view), register some themes in that area that concern you.  Keep in memory that the elaboration article must effect an reasoning, so your theme should be star that can be debated.  For entreaty, you sway insufficiency to transcribe environing nursing as a walk, but succeeding a whilein that theme you would need to invent star arguable, such as whether or not an extra year should be acquired to all nursing fitness courses to correct overall bloom pains. Give yourself 20 minutes to sit succeeding a while these distinctions and brainstorm registers of themes.  I'd attachment to see you breed five ideas for view categories!  That's 80 implicit themes (see, English teachers CAN do math)! Once you entertain refined your register, assume some period to criticism it; then, highlight the three themes that concern you most. Finally, succeeding painsful suspect, prefer the ONE theme you are most concerned in.  Once you entertain that theme, you should mystify a investigation environing it that you'd affect to hunt in your elaboration article.  That investigation is denominated a elaboration investigation, and it should set-on-foot succeeding a while WHY or SHOULD.  For entreaty, mayhap your idol theme is "benediction in teach." A powerful elaboration investigation would be, "SHOULD generally-known teachs apportion benediction in the classroom?" This would guide to an reasoningative article consequently you would entertain to subsistence your defense to that investigation.  Avoid "what" investigations; they guide to reports instead of reasonings.  "How" investigations are tricky:  sometimes, they guide to reasonings, but frequently they guide to reports. Type your clarified theme and elaboration investigation at the ground of the register, and deflect it in as Assignment #3. Here is an in of what I'm asking you to do:interest_inventory.png   I entertain updated my system environing elaboration themes to conceive the ensueing register of themes that I procure not apportion you to transcribe environing. Here is the register of themes that you divers not prefer to transcribe environing: Corporal Punishment Abortion School Uniforms Church Membership and/or Attendance Standardized Testing Legalization of Marijuana / Medical Marijuana Legalization of Prostitution Conspiracy Theories (Illuminati, 9/11, etc.) Driverless Cars Prayer in Schools Copyright Laws Cloning Hygiene Mandatory Preschool iPhones Minimum Wage Teen Pregnancy Children and Social Media Death Penalty