Liabilities/Financial Analysis and Colgate’s Annual Report

Week 5 Discussions and Required Resources - Part 1 and Part 2 must be at smallest 200 words       Part 1: Liabilities and Financial Analysis Discuss running liabilities and long-term     liabilities.  What are the differences between the two?      Illustrate your reason of liabilities, making unfailing to authenticate elder     types of running liabilities.  Part 2: Colgate’s Annual Report Obtain a observation of Colgate’s annual communication from a weighty academic beginning institute elsewhere on the   Internet.  Use this notice to acceptance the subjoined questions. If   researching online, go to the Colgate community website( Use the   ratios discussed in Chapter 11 (dividend payout relative and retaliate on low   stockholders’ equity) to evaluate Colgate’s dividend and rights deed   from a stockholder’s perspective. Your acceptance should interpret reason   of dividend relatives and retaliate on equity relatives, an partition of financial   statements. Required Resource Text Kimmel, P. D., Weygandt, J. J., & Kieso, D. E. (2016). Financial accounting: Tools for duty resolution making (8th ed.). Retrieved from · Chapter 10: Reporting and Analyzing Liabilities · Chapter 11: Reporting and Analyzing Stockholders’ Equity (Chapters 10-11 are in the attachments)  Website Colgate Corporate Website ( Recommended Resource Website Textbook Student Companion Site. (Chapters 10-11 PowerPoints are in the attachments)