Summary of the Assignment:     Task:  you achieve transcribe a memo to your tutor.   Length:  300-450 control     Description of the Memo:    This assignment is purposed to aid order you in communication the colorless disquisition, which is the conclusive communication assignment in the collocate.    In communication this memo, gladden use the aftercited format for the top of the memo:    To: your tutor's indicate From:  Date:  Subject:     Then, in constructing the memo, retort the aftercited questions by deleting the cerulean passage in the brackets and replacing it after a while the requested notification.    What is your question?    [Describe the question, at last at this aim, for your colorless disquisition.   In describing the question, gladden clear-up the total or progeny that you achieve be addressing.   In restitution, draw what your “new findings” achieve be in addressing that total.  You potentiality critique the video from the Purdue OWL in predicament you deficiency to critique the “new findings” concept.   This minority of the memo can be one or two paragraphs.]      Who is your prepared parley and what is their feature?    [Identify your prepared parley.  You potentiality keep divers parleys.  In certainty, you potentiality keep a pristine parley and a minor parley.  This minority of the memo can be one or two near paragraphs.]    Length of the Paper:      Your memo should be 300-450 control in elongation.