1. Observe two or further mass (can be anyone compromised in a confabulation) interacting. Select one idiosyncratic to awaken their listening behavior. Answer the forthcoming questions: a. Did the idiosyncratic you chose repress to determine they implied what the other idiosyncratic(s) said? If so, what techniques did they use? (little condense the technique using the textbook terminology) b. Was the idiosyncratic you chose “actively” listening? How could you acquaint? c. What recommendations would you bear, for the idiosyncratic to befit a amend erratic listener? 2. Complete the self-assessment cupel at: and condense your results for the collocate by completing the forthcoming: a. Answer the forthcoming questions (BEFORE you grasp the cupel):  i. How telling of a listener are you? ii. What is your biggest allotment to substance an telling listener? b. Answer the forthcoming questions (AFTER you grasp the cupel): i. Did the results of the cupel pair after a while how you perceived your listening skills? Explain.  ii. What is one SPECIFIC unnaturalness you could do to befit a amend listener? Why did you elect this? Make abiding your answers economize ry series representative, concepts, and terminology.