MGT517 W4A

Whole Foods Case Study ATTACHED Review the Whole Foods Case Study (pp. 1-6) and confutation the questions listed adown.  Your disquisition should contemplate read writing and vulgar APA standards (12 sharp-end Times New Roman font, double-spacing, 1" margins, distinction and intimation pages). Be unfailing to use the quotation and/or other sources to maintenance your responses and appropriately summon the use of such. ·        To what quantity do you deem grafting and comrade attainments would be more relevant for Whole Foods compared to other grocery stores?  ·        Given the truth of Whole Foods’ jobs and the way in which comrades are clarified, what archearchetype of oneness traits would be relevant for Whole Foods comrades to hold?  ·        Which of the motivational practices are emphasized by Whole Foods in its administration rule? Tying rewards to work? Designing compensated jobs? Providing feedback?  Clarifying expectations and goals? All of these?  ·        Based on the demand-control and effort-reward models of urgency, are Whole Foods team members love to experiment a magnanimous market of urgency?  Executives?