Need help with project management assignment

Research a plan and transcribe a Nursing essay incorporating the stipulations and concepts presented in Units 1 and 2.Units 1 and 2 introduced the forthcoming stipulations and concepts: Project Project Manager Project Management Project Selection (Use at smallest one of the forthcoming: Qualitative or Quantitative Methods) Risk/Uncertainty Organizational Structure (Use at smallest one of the forthcoming: Matrix Organization, Functional Organization, Projectized Organization) Deliverable: Research an stipulation or a fame describing a plan that interests you.  Transcribe a 3-5 page Nursing essay describing the plan.  Incorporate the stipulations and evince an mind of the inventory of anterior stipulations.  One advance is to elucidate the stipulations and collect inequitable examples from your lore to evince not simply the restriction but the concept as well-behaved.  Follow APA Guidelines per the Guidelines posted in the Course Introduction. Reference your stipulation and at smallest two other sources. Attach a delineation of your stipulation (i.e. pdf format) to your assignment.