Read Chapter 10 1. In the conclusive senility, what unromantic, gregarious, gregarious, and economic trends and issues bear influenced today’s heartiness-preservation order?  2. What is the object and order of evaluating the three aspects of heartiness preservation: construction, order, and end?  3. How does technology amend enduring ends and the heartiness-preservation order? 4. How can you lapse to amend tendency of preservation and security among the heartiness-preservation order and at the bedside?  2. Select one nonprofit structure or one empire agencies that influences and advocates for tendency amendment in the heartiness-preservation order. Explore the Web post for your selected structure/agency and exculpation the forthcoming questions: • What does the structure/agency do that supports the hallmarks of tendency? •  What bear been the results of their efforts for endurings, facilities, the heartiness-preservation donation order, or the nursing business? • How has the structure/agency forced facilities where you are practicing and your own businessal experience?