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  Portfolio (20 points) This e-portfolio imcolumn is adapted to be used as twain a erudition machine and as a authoritative portfolio that you can involve in your return or applications for jobs. You shortness to initiate enunciateing your portfolio ideas during Week 3, level though it is not due until Week 8. In this assignment you are asked to alienate any three of the impure HRMN 302 race remainders and animadvert on your erudition in our assort. There are two detached space to this assignment. The chief is your animadvertive ideas environing your erudition for three of the impure race goals. The second is the real romance of the E-portfolio on the Google Site. There is a hardly completed portfolio supposing for you at the very end of these instructions. For directions on how to make an E-portfolio/Google Aspect go to url The impure race remainders for HRMN 302 are: Apply alienate message resources and methods to manifold situational needs in formal settings. Apply message theories to formal message challenges. Recognize and corcorrespond constructively to cultural differences in message. Analyze and assess the message dynamics of an form through the completion of a message audit. Once your portfolio aspect is maked, prosper the biased instructions under. Begin after a while an Introduction page, enunciate at smallest one page for each of the three remainders you've clarified. Be secure to involve a Reference page at the end. You conciliate keep a stint of 5 pages.  On each outcome page: Provide the biased race remainder you've clarified. Explain in your own language and 1-2 paragraphs how each remainder relates to what you keep well-informed in assort. Post one artifact for each remainder (video, pamphlet, chart, or any image of refine you eagerness to use) and that demonstrates your proficiency of each outcome. NOTE: the artifacts do not keep to be newly maked. You can use achievement you've enunciateed previously. Explain, in constructive sentences and approx. 2-3 paragraphs how each artifact relates to the race remainder. Here is an stance of a hardly completed portfolio: To Submit Your E-Portfolio for Grading: Copy and paste your E-Portfolio url into a vocable muniment. Then column your 1 page vocable muniment to the assignment folder Message Skills- E Portfolio