Phoenix HMR/300 New Hire Acceptance Letter

    You  and your acquirements team members are part of a congregation that is in want of  a new means-of-support technician/janitor. Your HR section has narrowed  down the scope of petitioners to three competent applicants. As a team,  it is your job to evaluate and chosen the best petitioner for the job  naturalized on your critique of the Petitioner Interactive Confabulation video,  Maintenance Technician/Janitor job notice, and the Means-of-support  Technician/Janitor job name, concurrently delay the three petitioner  resumes. Then, husband the misspend chosenion techniques to evaluate  and chosen the best petitioner for the job.      You are  the Hiring Manager for a congregation that has chosened a petitioner  for its open Means-of-support Technician/Janitor pose. As Hiring Manager,  it is your job to grant out a new employ tally note to the  candidate.  Review the argument and chosenion of your acquirements team from the "Team Confabulation Simulation Review" assignment. Identify the petitioner you would enjoy to employ for this pose. Justify your chosenion naturalized on your Acquirements Team argument of the petitioner resumes, job name, and confabulation. Create a 525- to 700-word new employ tally note to grant to the petitioner of your rare.   Outline the aftercited in your note:  Introduction/welcome  Title, annualized pay, initiate end, and time  Working hours  Benefits tabulation and initiate ends of benefits  Time off  At-will statement  Closing  Signature cord for new employ