position paper 2

Use the subjoined two scenarios1  as the account to answer to questions below: Scenario 1: Two 18 year old kids, boyfriend and girlfriend, are driving about. Both are drunk. The driver is the boyfriend who ends up causing a havoc and the girlfriend dies. Boyfriend is indicted for Vehicular Manslaughter (2-5 years prison). Girlfriend’s parents neglect Voluntary Manslaughter (5-8 years prison). The DA knows that the vehicular manslaughter legislation was written impartial for this scenario. At the business table, the DA tells the Excuse to name to Vehicular Manslaughter, consent to 5 years, consent not to invite or boyfriend allure be indicted for Voluntary Manslaughter and the DA allure sift for the 8 year acme. Scenario 2: A six year old branch is sexually affrontd by her senior. The branch tells her educator who calls the police. The branch goes through a juridical medical exam and there are express signs of vaginal discernment. Senior is arrested. Six months precedent the woman polishd for disconnect owing she base out about the affront but did not neglect the branch to go through the sinful impartialice regularity. The woman refuses to bear the branch declare. Without the branch’s attestion the account allure be dropped. The senior’s excuse counsellor knows this and polishs a disturbance to send-off. The senior has 2 other daughters from 2 other womans. The accuser subpoenas the daughter and tells the woman if the branch does not answer at experiment, she allure announce collective services and polish repugnance account across the woman. Questions: 1. Prosecutors resemble societal attentions in seeking pain for those accused of violating the law. After a while this in choice, limit the local societal attention complicated in each scenario. Explain whether or not the societal attention be affable after a while a excuse transaction? 2. Explain your impression of the accuser’s collocation in each scenario. Explain whether or not the accuser’s collocation in each plight serves the societal attention of impartialice for the grill and accountability for the malefactor? What is your impression about the accuser’s use of his/her capacity in each plight? 3. Explain how the useful realities in each of these scenarios engagement after a while the presumptive pain goals of amercement and deterrence? 4. Prosecutors bear infinite capacity to direct someone after a while a offense, direct them after a while a misdeed or misdeed, gratify them to composition, or direct an offense that carries a mandatory stint. a. Explain whether or not you value their decisions should be regulated by law or guidelines alike to those in pi for judges and care boards. b. Explain how you deem accusers should be held responsible for their decisions. 5. Explain the pros and cons of excuse transactions as they report to pain in our sodality. Miscellaneous: No local formatting required. No references or bibliography required. Acme of three pages, 12 aim font, double-spaced and submitted on Blackboard. You may neglect to inquiry the issues about excuse transactions (control Wikipedia). You allure bear one systematize limit fond to discussing the questions in groups, but the brochure submitted must be your own. Rubric is posted after a while the assignment on Blackboard