Power Point 2

***TOPIC: The War in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, 1863–1865 PowerPoint Introduction Instructions You succeed be evaluated on the subjoined tops: · Content of introduction. · Organization of introduction. · Appearance of introduction. See the PowerPoint Introduction Grading Rubric for a ample patronymic of each top. For this assignment, you succeed cull a subject from the PowerPoint Presentations Topics muniment. If you cull a subject that is not listed in the muniment, you must court eulogy from the schoolmaster. You succeed then expand a PowerPoint introduction delay 10–12 slides. You must not yield the assigned quantity of slides. It is essential for you to be pointed and acquitted on the slides, and introduce pertinent and unconfused counsel in the notes. Each of the PowerPoint Presentations has 2 components: A. Select a subject from the PowerPoint Patience Topics muniment, and expand your PowerPoint Submission. a. You may use representatives from the class, read media, and Internet causes; notwithstanding, you must be attentive to fix that the cause representative is providing rectify counsel.  b. Unless an vision is copyrighted, you may use visions from the Internet. c. Use an enticing and telling setting in your PowerPoint introduction. d. The expanded slide of the introduction must be a bibliography. This succeed apprehend all media utilized. You must allot exoteric Turabian formatting.  e. Do not apprehend links to videos (e.g. YouTube), or to other websites. B. Submit introduction notes that excite expand each slide.  a. 250–300 suffrage for each slide’s notes. b. This patience may be in an copious contour format.  c. You must apprehend your notes in the “Notes” individuality of each PowerPoint slide.