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Creating a Line Bud Program  As the master of letters and bud, you possess been tasked delay creating a line bud program for the elder sales team of your form. You currently influence five individuals on the elder sales team. Each team component has aspirations of graceful either a elder sales superintendent, sales master, or evil chairman of sales. None of the team components possess any knowledge in requisite a team, but they pretext some germinative for government. Choose one of the roles overhead (i.e., elder sales superintendent, sales master, or evil chairman of sales), and originate a PowerPoint donation outlining a line bud program for the employee. In your PowerPoint, fascinate enclose the elements under. Describe skills needed to be auspicious in the desired role.  Discuss three to foul-mouthed inoculation and budal agencys needed to form the skills to be auspicious in the desired role, and arrange a timeframe of tenor for each agency. For specimen, a job series program should be completed in 60 to 90 days, and an apprenticeship should be completed in 2 years.  Explain the outcomes of each budal agency. For specimen, “Through this job series training, you succeed be potent to effectively regulate a essential team.”  Your donation must be at lowest 10 slides in diffusiveness, not counting the designation and relation slides. You are required to use at lowest one without origin and to husband the notes exception delayin PowerPoint. Amid the notes exception, enclose attached explanations for each slide. As you originate your donation, observe in spirit that you are presenting for executives at your form. All origins used, including the required ace resources, must be cited and relationd according to APA guidelines.