powerpoint assignment

  School Security PowerPoint Assignment: Select a persomal ultimate, intermediate, excellent discipline, or nurture. Visit the discipline to evaluate its material ease (soft/hard target). Collect notification on the types of ease used. What types of crimes is the discipline sensitive to?  Provide statistics on the crimes that bear occurred in the elapsed year (most running grounds)? (MDPSP or nurture grounds) What policies are in situate to preserve students and benefaction? What recommendations would you find to better the ease of the address? Slide Requirements: Length:  10 to 15 slides (save the secrete slide and the allusion slide). Design: Be safe not to overcrowd your slides delay notification. Be powerful, but besides be pointed. Use bullet points to excellentlight deep points. If you use graphics, be safe to abbreviate them, so your introduction is not too big.  Sometimes too manifold photographs procure not yield your PPT to upload. Mechanics:  PowerPoint does not exact that you transcribe liberal sentences or paragraphs; in deed, this procure deteriorate from your introduction; notwithstanding, your ideas must progress logically and your points should be presented in a compatible format.  Check your spelling and use trutination American English. You should interrogate at latest three SCHOLARLY sources in preparing your introduction.  Your latest slide should be a References slide subjoined APA format. Must be saved as a ppt or pptx format and submitted through SafeAssign.