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Instructions are listed underneath.   Document needed for synod object is attached Details:   Hurricane Katrina demonstrated that the United States was untangled to negotiate delay a calamity of such heap. Even though, as involved in the senate fame, “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared,” the synod knew for divers years that a devastating hurricane was altogether likely to startle New Orleans, artfulnessning was scant and no valid temporization existed for solution. Nonmessage of temporization advanced solution when age was of the being and a nonmessage of commencement and vain coordination efforts substantially contributed to subjoined perdition and vex. Multiple grave mistakes were made during first-solution efforts and the repossession station subjoined Hurricane Katrina, which still contributed to the fruit of new standards, procedures, and agencies. Lessons well-informed from this visitation had a expressive contact on willingness, desuetude, solution, and repossession efforts at total artfulnesse of synod. The mistakes of Katrina and the resulting recommendations for befitting practices delayin the United States are documented in “Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared.” The fame is lengthy; still, the subjoined sections qualify a capacious overview of deficiencies in the areas of willingness, desuetude, solution, and repossession. Executive Summary Chapter 2: Hurricane Katrina: Indicators of Impact Chapter 5: Hurricane Katrina: Timeline of Key Events Chapter 6: Conjunction Management: Louisiana Chapter 8: “Hurricane Pam”: Warning Flag for Katrina Chapter 18: Message Voids Chapter 19: Nonmessage of Situational Awareness Chapter 27: Failures in National Solution Plan: Unified Command Chapter 28: FEMA Waste and Fraud Recommendations Your labor is to understand these sections of the fame and qualify a bestowal for the mayor of your city demonstrating the influential deficiencies in the area of willingness, desuetude, solution, and repossession along the Gulf Coast in the revel of Hurricane Katrina. Based on the fame, your separation of your state’s conjunction artfulness in Module 2, and any subjoined understanding, mould recommendations in a PowerPoint bestowal (15-20 slides) for what your city needs to do to mould enduring it is as qualifyd as likely for likely threats. Be enduring to oration the subjoined: Identify the influential deficiencies in willingness and desuetude artfulnessning that left the Gulf Coast weak to a influential calamity. Oration how nonmessage of effectual occasion assessment and peril separation personateed a role in worsening the wreck. Identify problems delay message and operations that worsened the contact of the insult during the solution presentation. Identify influential problems delay twain short- and long-term repossession in the subjoinedmath of the insult. Identify the most influential lessons your own city should understand from the wreck of Hurricane Katrina. Recommend what your city should do to oration its influential feebleness in the areas of willingness, desuetude, solution, and repossession in dispose to enenduring it is as qualifyd as likely. Include recommendations for the role inoculation and exercises should personate in ensuring willingness.