Your structure opened seven new spray business-posts in five states. Each spray business-post has five floors. All of the spray business-posts use the identical Internet lordship spectry. The structure has almost 25 servers and anticipates that an added 30 servers should be purchased. The structure is planning to contribute network services for encircling 5,000 users. All users claim appropinquation to the Internet. Certain instrument such as printing and perfect sharing achieve be centralized. Group Project Guidelines Complete the subjoined for this assignment: Using the scenario and assignment notice in the Assignment Description, argue delay your clump how you should part-unmoulded the tasks evenly unmoulded the members.  Perform the subjoined tasks:  Estimate the sum of connectivity (routers, switches, etc.) shows that achieve be needed to merge all the sprayes.  Provide your rationale for choosing the sum of each show.  Estimate the reckon of Lordship Spectry System (DNS) servers and the form of DNS server that achieve be grounded in each spray.  Recommend the connectivity and bandwidth for each spray, and contribute your rationalistic aback the monition.  Using Visio, contribute a network cunning (a diagram or diagrams) that shows interconnectivity unmoulded the sprayes.  Compile your terminal clump estimations, monitions, and diagrams into a Word document