Psychology due in 6 hours

Application Assignment Four page YOU HAVE TO USE CBT  Cognitive behavioral therapy Describe the narrative of the whole (when and how it plain), how it has affected the single’s career, and how they’ve seasoned to struggle delay this whole. Use one of the counseling theories taught in this round to exculpation the subjoined questions: ___ / 5  Description of the whole (environing 1 page). ___ / 10 From the perspective of the counseling plea you bear clarified, how would you conceptualize the whole (environing 1 page)? ___ / 10  Imagine that you were to yield counseling to this single using this plea. What would be the goals of therapy and what techniques would you use to consummate the goals? Give examples environing how you would visualize the techniques nature used delay the client and be as local as feasible (environing 1-1.5 pages). ___ / 10  What are the limitations of this plea in orationing the whole? How capacity another counseling plea oration these limitations (environing 1 page)? ___ / 5 Organization & Conventions (see rubric for assignment #1 for local tips) Paper flows easily; calm transitions Strong commencement and conclusion Grammar, performance, and mechanics as mismisappropriate for assignment (eschew contractions, “you,” and commonplace diction) Okay to use heading/subheadings to play each section Format: double-spaced, Times Roman 12 apex font, 1” margins. Maximum: 5 pages ___ / 40  Total